What to Consider Before Converting Your Carport into a Garage

From Carport to Garage: Our Feature in the Redfin Article on Conversion Considerations

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with our readers! Our expertise and insights into the world of carport-to-garage conversions have been recognized and featured in a recent Redfin article titled “Carport to Garage Conversion: What to Consider.” We’re honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to this informative piece, shedding light on the crucial considerations that come into play when embarking on such a transformation.

A Focus on Concrete Needs

One of the key aspects we discussed in the Redfin article is the essential role that the concrete foundation plays in the conversion process. Converting a carport into a garage requires careful evaluation of the existing concrete pad’s load-bearing strength. As Dwayne Green, the owner of Sam The Concrete Man, aptly points out, “In converting carports to garages, the load-bearing strength of the concrete pad is an important consideration.”


Our expertise comes into play in scenarios where the existing concrete pad may not be up to the task of supporting the weight of load-bearing walls and a new garage structure. This is particularly relevant when dealing with existing gravel floors or concrete slabs that weren’t originally designed to meet the specifications required for load-bearing walls. These specifications often include the presence of concrete footings with rebar, which provide the necessary stability for the added structural elements.

Our Approach: Ensuring Structural Integrity

At Sam The Concrete Man, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions for carport-to-garage conversions that prioritize structural integrity and durability. Dwayne Green shares our approach, stating, “We help in conversions that have existing gravel floors, where we pour the entire slab with a monolithic footing, as well as many with an existing concrete slab.”

For cases where the existing concrete slab falls short of the required load-bearing specifications, we advocate for a solution that ensures stability and strength. Dwayne Green explains, “In that case, we recommend adding foundation walls outside of, and up against, existing slabs, which we at STCM Columbia install as well.” This approach involves creating additional foundation walls that work in tandem with the existing slab, effectively providing the necessary support for the new garage structure.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Approach to Conversions

Being featured in the Redfin article has been a fantastic opportunity for us to share our insights and expertise with homeowners considering the conversion of their carports into functional garages. We understand the complexities involved in ensuring that the new structure is not only aesthetically appealing but also built to last.

Whether it’s pouring a new slab with a monolithic footing, adding foundation walls to reinforce the existing slab, or providing expert concrete services, our team at Sam The Concrete Man is dedicated to delivering solutions that align with the specific needs of each conversion project. As we continue to assist homeowners in their transformations, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

If you’re considering a carport-to-garage conversion, we encourage you to check out the Redfin article for a deeper dive into the considerations and insights we’ve shared. And remember, when it comes to a successful conversion, a solid foundation—both in terms of concrete and expertise—is the key to a project that stands the test of time.

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